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"Edutainment is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse." Evan Golden


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2019 marks the 20 year anniversary of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s class of 1999. The graduates had their reunion on Saturday, Aug. 17 at the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, Florida, where they were able to catch up with one another after two decades. Among these alumni was Evan Golden, the current host of the television show “Eye on South Florida.”

Golden looks back on his high school days with gratitude, believing it has immensely shaped his life. It was during his time as a part of the WMSD TV news crew where he discovered his passion for being in front of a camera.

“It [my career] started at Stoneman Douglas when my TV broadcasting teacher gave me the opportunity to be the on-air anchor and general assignment reporter, ” Golden said. “I just had a strong passion; it was never work for me. As many hours as I spent editing or watching videos, it has never felt like work for me.”

Golden graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida with a degree in Interpersonal Communications and Film and interned at WPLG Channel 10 ABC network. 

Since then, Golden has appeared in a variety of programs including “The Mandy Moore Show”, “South Beach” and “Psychic Detectives”. He has also hosted local shows in both Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida.

“I found my passion in high school and never strayed away from it,” Golden said. “Twenty years later, I’m still doing what I love to do.” 

Throughout his career, Golden has achieved a multitude of accomplishments, yet his most precious award is his South Florida Young Leader in Philanthropy Award he won in 2013 for his nonprofit work. 

“Being recognized and being given an award for contributing and helping raise money and awareness for charities is a great feeling and hopefully I was an example to a lot of people that you don’t have to just write a check; there’s a lot of ways you can contribute and give back to the community,” Golden said. “There’s so many small, local charities and nonprofits out there that people are not familiar with.”  

Golden was born and raised in South Florida and has been actively involved with the Parkland community, more so following the shooting on Feb. 14, 2018. 

“I drive past Stoneman Douglas every single day. My kids are going to go to Stoneman Douglas. It is heartbreaking,” Golden said. “I tried to donate some metal detectors, but they would not accept it because they had to go through the Broward County Educational School Board. I attended the March for Our Lives in Parkland and many events with [the family of] Meadow Pollack and a couple other of the victims’ families.”

Currently, Golden has received widespread recognition for his video podcast, “Talk Golden to Me,” which is nominated for a Webby Award.

When asked what he would consider the most monumental moment in his career, Golden struggled to come up with a response. 

“I don’t think I’ve had it yet,” Golden said. “But co-hosting an event with Dan Marino with Macy’s [is up there]. Meeting someone who was my childhood hero and has been a role model to me was pretty awesome.”

Golden hopes to gain the chance to each lunch with the current TV production students at MSD and talk to them about their aspirations.

“I’m a prime example that you don’t have to move to Los Angeles or New York to be successful,” Golden said.

 Keep the smile, leave the tention, feel the joy, forget the worry, hold the peace, leave the pain and Have a fun !!

Tention Free : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, passion etc. ??

In high school I took TV Production classes three out of the four years. Everything I learned was linear video tape editing and right around the corner was new technology of video editing software that would replace this format. I quickly gained a strong passion for all aspects of TV and Video production, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. I was the on air anchor and field reporter for our school news show at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. I loved being able to visually tell a story and conduct interviews for various perspectives. #parklandstrong

Tention Free : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

I have been hosting the TV show Eye on South Florida for over five years now, attending some of Florida’s finest events, fashion shows, fundraisers and celebrity interviews but ever since I started using a “GOLDEN” selfie stick microphone, people are loving the format and the personal interviews I am able to capture for my instagram following.

Tention Free : Do you always wear Gold?

With the last name GOLDEN, I have fully embraced my surname. I love to wear metallic gold anything and everything. It goes with my personality and my mission of spreading golden vibes. If you check my google search history it’s metallic gold sneakers , metallic gold jacket, metallic gold hat, you get the point. I have even been supporting a golden glove as a late and it feels great. I have such a better grip on things lol

Tention Free :Whats up with the Golden Glasses?

They are the freshest shades out!!! It’s something I give away for free. It’s just goes back to what I was talking about earlier about spreading the Golden vibes and giving back. The glasses look great and everyone loves them. I try to always have a bunch on me and when I see someone do a good deed or provide a compliment to someone, I throw them a pair of Golden Glasses! When someone puts them on, they feel alive, they feel the energy and the get Goldenized. Anyone who reads this interview that wants a pair DM on insta @GoldenTV and I got you!

Tention Free : Any upcoming project?

I have acted, done reality TV, walked runways, hosted radio shows and now it seems it’s time to add podcast host to my resume. This is going to be a live video podcast. I am working with some talented producers to create an innovative and interactive experience. The show

VoyageMIA: Miami is an incredible city - but it's so large and so vast and so diverse that all of us are missing out on tons of great people, businesses, organizations, events and more. VoyageMIA wants to highlight the best of the 305/786 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Evan Golden.

Evan Golden, a humanitarian at heart is the recipient of “Young Leaders in Philanthropy” and he continues to give back and be a leader in the community. You may have seen Evan in national TV ads for Ovaltine, reciting that famous line, “More Ovaltine, please!”, or on various MTV series or more recently for his lead role on the reality show Ivana Young Man, hosted by Ivana Trump. A true Florida boy, born and raised, Evan is as passionate about the community as he is entertaining them. While attending the University of Central Florida as an Interpersonal Communications and Film major, Evan interned at ABC network affiliate WPLG, gaining invaluable experience connecting with the community. He currently is the Sports and Entertainment reporter for Eye on South Florida and over sees the marketing at The Berman Law Group. Evan spends his free time entertaining his family at home. Now residing in Coral Springs, Florida, Evan is happily married and the father of two boys

Has it been a smooth road?
Working in the entertainment industry, facing rejections is as common as sawdust around a sawmill. You have to have extremely thick skin and be able to have a short term memory. Having a positive mindset is essential for a long term career. Every audition, meeting and casting call can provide a possible door to a future opportunity or a connection with someone working on specific project you might be right for. I always encourage young and emerging talent to knock on every door of opportunity, but you better be knocking harder than the competition. If talent wants to separate themselves, then be a complete professional. Come in extra prepared, be confident and always go for it. The worst feeling is what if…

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Eye on South Florida – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others?
I will tell you right now, South Florida is the best destination on earth and I get to call it home! From fashion, film, food and entertainment there is no better place to be. I don’t want to knock local news stations, but they cover all the negative things happening in the community like burglaries, dog bites, crime…. Living in Florida my entire life I have seen everything amazing it has to offer. Working on the Eye on South Florida TV program provides a platform to showcase all the good happening. Covering Charity Events and Galas, Film Festivals, Fashion Shows, Positive Human Interest Stories, Grand openings, the list goes on. I am not sure of the exact statistic but since the launch of Eye on South Florida, tourism and relocation here has significantly went up. Some current South Florida residents want the show to go off air for population control!

Why I Wear Pink?
Breast cancer affects everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. That’s why I’m stepping up to fight breast cancer with all I have. Since I’m in a position to make a difference within my community, I believe I have an obligation to do so. By raising money and awareness through Real Men Wear Pink, I’m helping to save more lives from breast cancer.

Why I Support the American Cancer Society?
Every day, the American Cancer Society is saving more lives from breast cancer than ever before. They’re helping people take steps to reduce their risk of breast cancer or find it early, when it’s easier to treat. They provide free information and services when and where people need it. They fund groundbreaking breast cancer research and they’re working to ensure access to mammograms for women who need them.

Why was Evan Golden Nominated?
“I nominated Evan Golden for this campaign because he is a very prominent figure in the community and is always giving back to Broward County. Not to mention, his gregarious personality will be essential to his success in bringing awareness to the community. It will also enable him to raise money to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer initiatives and to help us save more lives than ever before.” Tali Amihud

Donate here and help #endcancer #realmenwearpink

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TopMegaNews Magazine

We recently caught up with Evan Golden and here’s the interview:

What are your hopes and aspirations in producing quality content for people to enjoy?

I will tell you right now, South Florida is the best destination on earth and I get to call it home! From fashion, film, food and entertainment there is no better place to be. I don’t want to knock local news stations, but they cover all the negative things happening in the community like burglaries, dog bites, crime…. Living in Florida my entire life I have seen everything amazing it has to offer. Working on the Eye on South Florida TV program provides a platform to showcase all the good happening. Covering Charity Events and Galas, Film Festivals, Fashion Shows, Positive Human Interest Stories, Grand openings, the list goes on.I am not sure of the exact statistic but since the launch of Eye on South Florida, tourism and relocation here has significantly went up. Some current South Florida residents want the show to go off air for population control!

You quote on your website: “Edutainment is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse.” How has entertainment helped you in your life or your perspective?

It kind of goes with my tagline, Don’t Google it! Golden it! It’s not like I have the CORRECT answers to everything in life, of course not, who does? But I will provide an answer to anything and I guarantee it will be appositive one. I have a strong positive outlook on life and I do tend to live it up. Some people say I have FOMO, fear of missing out, but my philosophy is don’t say no, just go! I do enjoy life to the fullest! Absolutely it’s hard to say no to go some of Miami’s hottest events, especially when given all access media credentials but as I tell my friends, I will catch up on my z’s in my coffin aka sleep when I am dead.

The entertainment industry is in Hollywood California?

Family over everything. Anyone that knows me knows that’s true statement for me. I have had many opportunities to go to Los Angeles to work and pursue what I love but down here I am able to have the best of both words. When getting into the entertainment industry, many people will tell you have to choose between fame or family. My goal was never to move to Los Angeles and try to become an actor or famous star. I always had a passion for entertainment right here in South Florida in the place I loved. Plenty of work down here for actors and models and here you can be a bigger fish in smaller pound.

Who are some celebrities you have interviewed and what was it like?

So many fun and exhilarating interviews the past 5 years but It was quite an experience interviewing Donald Trump because we spoke before and he was not a fan of mine as I was on his ex wife’s tv show “Ivana Young Man” that mocked his show The Apprentice but he did admit to watching the show. I stay away from politics but every time I have interviewed or met him was him attending a charity event making a donation, the media does not share those stories but Eye on South Florida does. Another memorable interview was with Dan Aykroyd, a comedic actor I was a huge fan of, We ended up drinking his Crystal Head Vodka together and the stories were pouring out faster than the alcohol. Nobody is cooler than Dwyane Wade, I can interview him for hours talking basketball, Miami, fashion, but someone that reminds me of him and he is my role model is the interview I did with NBA Super Fan Jimmy Goldstein. We did an exclusive interview before a Miami Heat finals game and we become friends since. We text all the time about basketball and I had lunch with him at his house which is a work of art. Not to steal a tagline, but he really is the most interesting man in the world.

What are your ambitions and what are you currently working on?

Being an alumni of Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland Florida and still living in this community, I am focused on improving school safety throughout the nation. If you go to the airport, a concert, government building they all tight and strict security measures in place. Kids need to feel safe in schools. Parents need to be able to drop their children off without fear! I am working victims parents and community activisits to implement metal detectors, limit the entry points, staff well trained security and provide proper mental heath care to students.

Congrats for being nominated for Real Men Wear Pink Campaign Supporting the American Cancer Society. How did the initial idea to support the American Cancer Society’s begin?

I nominated Evan Golden for this campaign because he is a very prominent figure in the community and is always giving back to Broward County. Not to mention, his gregarious personality will be essential to his success in bringing awareness to the community. It will also enable him to raise money to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer initiatives – and to help us save more lives than ever before.

The campaign was dreamed up a few years ago to show that Breast Cancer isn’t just a women’s issue. Thousands of men are diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. every year. And so are more than 266,100 of their daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, and friends. That’s why we’re recruiting men to fight breast cancer through Real Men Wear Pink.

Tali Amihud | Community Development Manager Southeast Region | American Cancer Society, Inc
3363 W Commercial Blvd Suite 100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (954) 200.7537 | Mobile: (954) 495.1095 | 1.800.227.2345

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for what comes next. All right, last question: where can people find you so they can watch and follow you?

Check me out on the gram @goldentv

The Heat Magazine

From host, print model, entertainment correspondent, philanthropist, athlete, and reality TV star, to being the breakout star on Ivana Trump’s reality show, Evan has been putting in work and seeing massive results.

The Florida native has quite an impressive resume that includes national commercials, TV appearances, hosting, and so much more. He currently hosts “Eye on South Florida”, a role in which he has had the opportunity to interview countless celebrities. In addition, he was recently nominated for the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign supporting the American Cancer Society. 

Evan says he stepped up to help fight breast cancer with all he has, while emphasizing the fact that both women and men can be affected by the disease. Most importantly, Evan says he recognizes that he is in a position of influence and that he is obligated to use his position wisely and to shine his light. All of that aside though, his most important role is likely that of a family man.

Suffice it to say, Evan is a busy man who is using his celebrity for good. It is no wonder why he has been blessed with such golden opportunities. He is truly a one-man show whose talent, personality and high energy stands out. It is because of this that he is highly sought after. It is also because of these qualities that we are confident it will not be long before Evan takes his place among the superstars of his generation.

We recently caught up with Evan Golden and here’s what he had to say:


Growing up, who influenced you the most?

EVAN GOLDEN: My parents influenced me the most. They gave my sister and me the ability to pursue our passions and have showed us the meaning of true love and the importance of family.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You have an interesting story. If you had to pinpoint one moment that solidified your entering the entertainment industry, what would that be?

EVAN GOLDEN: Being cast on Ivana Trump’s reality show, “Ivana Young Man” was one of the most exhilarating television experiences of my life. Ivana Trump personally hand-picked me to be on the show, as I was one of 6 bachelors given the opportunity of luxury, fame and riches. Spoiler Alert – I made it to the Final 2. If you have not watched this reality show, it’s a must see. You will laugh, cry and be in suspense the entire time.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Do you think excelling in sports helps you in your current career?

EVAN GOLDEN: In sports you learn valuable life lessons. You learn how to work as a team, taking directions, making effort, overcoming adversity, and responding to defeat. Practice makes perfect. Many aspects, I use every day in life. I have learned through team and organized sports.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What has been your favorite “gig” so far and why?

EVAN GOLDEN: Hosting the TV Show “Eye on South Florida” is a dream come true. I am able to share all the amazing things happening in our community.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What has been your greatest accomplishment as an entertainment personality?

EVAN GOLDEN: Having a platform to help bring awareness to so many small local non-profit organizations. As the recipient of South Florida Young Leaders in Philanthropy, I have been able to help bring much exposure and have raised thousands of dollars for many local non-profits.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What motivates you?

EVAN GOLDEN: I am motivated to be a good human and role model for my two sons to look up to and be proud of. I am a leader in my community and will help heal us as we try to overcome the Parkland Shooting Massacre.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What are you currently working on?

EVAN GOLDEN: Currently I have been nominated for the “Real Men Wear Pink Campaign” on behalf of the American Cancer Society, so I am raising money for breast cancer.

Follow Evan Golden and all of his endeavors:

Instagram @goldentv
Twitter @golden_tv

Derek Jeter on Parkland School Shooting 

Simply the Best

Blacktie South Florida

What do you enjoy the most about your work?
My true passion has always been entertainment reporting. Having the opportunity to be the Host and Report for Eye on South Florida is a dream come true. I am able to do what I love in the community that I love. It’s extremely rewarding to share all the positive events and educate our viewers how they can get involved and give back.

How do we get our young people more interested in charitable giving and community volunteering?
It’s very easy to get caught up in your own life and live with that out of sight out of mind dilemma. It comes down to education and making people aware that their actions can go a long way. Most organization are not just looking for financial contributions but looking for volunteers, people that help spread awareness or give gifts or prayers. When the opportunity arises to make a difference, touch a heart or change a life and you see how rewarding it is, there is nothing more gratifying.

You are out in the public arena quite often; who is the most interesting person you have ever met? 

I have had the opportunity to meet and interview some mega A-List celebrities from Jaime Foxx, Sarah Jessica Parker and Donald Trump but the most interesting and memorable person is Lainie Mara Jones. She is not even 30 yet and has battled cancer five times. She is such an inspiration and role model. From her attitude, strength and her inner and outer beauty she is someone I will always look up to. She is a leader and has helped guide and support so many people dealing with cancer.

What is the most important thing you have learned through the years?
When I was modeling early in my career it was very easy to become selfish and vain. As you grow older and have children, you quickly realize it’s not all about you. You realize what truly makes you happy and see how meaningful life really is.

Is there a fond childhood memory you can share with us?
Till this day always growing up with strong family values and doing things as a family. Always spent a lot of time with grandparents, cousins and taking family vacations were always the best. I also remember always having something to do. My parents kept me very busy with so many different activities in arts and sports, it definitely help culture me.

How do you stay so motivated and committed?
I have always had a good work ethic. My parents taught me at a young age the value of a dollar and I started working in my local parks concession stand at the age of 10. I have been living with the motto now for a while, “don’t say no, just go.” And what that means to me; is don’t be lazy. Go visit friends and family. Go the extra mile. Always represent yourself in a professional matter. As a parent, I never want to let my kids down and commitment and motivation are keys attributes in being successful in anything in life. People just have to find out what motivates them personally.

What’s the best movie you have ever seen?
Rudy, starring Sean Astin. The movie teaches you such an important life lesson. People are always going to doubt you and challenge in many different circumstances. If you have a dream than go after it and give it all you got. The worst thing for me is if I want something and I don’t even try! In life there will always be obstacles, you just can’t be afraid to overcome them.

What is your greatest strength?
Greatest strength is keeping the glass full. I always try to take the positive out of any situation. I believe you can learn something from any situation. I tend to focus and lean on the good and see the good in people.

Do you have a Fashion Addiction?
I do have a slight Fashion addiction that has made my closet collapse about five times. I have a thing for blazers or suit jackets. I have about 40 different ones and it’s just my style. You can throw one on, and all of sudden people think you are so dressed up. I like the versatile ability to wear with just a T-Shirt or with jeans or fully equipped with a suit and tie.

What are your favorite sports?
My favorite sports are basketball and football. My father and I go to every Miami Dolphins game together and it’s such a special tradition and bonding experience for the both of us.

What is your favorite restaurant?
My favorite restaurant is Falafel Bistro in Coral Springs, FL. The food is so delicious but what makes me a regular customer is the Owner/Chef Ilan Cohen. He has created a cozy café environment and he goes above and beyond to make sure every table is completely satisfied. It’s nice to see how much he cares about the quality of the food and the overall experience.

What do you have to say to all the young women/men out there ready to take on the future? 

Be nicer to people. Don’t be lazy. If you have a goal or a dream, than go after it. Do what makes you happy. I know all the young people love the saying YOLO, but rather just saying it, do it. Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.




iknonnection Magazine Interview

          Take a good strong look, because this is one upcoming Actor that is climbing the industry ladder faster than anyone else out there . Only graduating two years ago from UCF in 2003 with a BA in Communications, he has permanently written his destiny in stone. With an affinity to being in front of the camera, he given himself the opportunity to work with WB network and MTV. His latest project is with the Fox network, working on FOX's new highly anticipated reality show, "Ivana Young Man" hosted by Ivana Trump. His honesty brings fresh look in the Entertainment Industry. proudly bring the inner workings of the man with the Golden smile, Evan Scott Golden .

To read full article, please click link below:


 Evan Scott Golden: A Rising Success
     Although I never had a chance to meet Evan face to face, just in talking to him, his charismatic personality was pretty evident. That's why it was no surprise to me that this twenty-something year old has already made quite a resume for himself. With his "go get 'em" attitude, he is quickly becoming a talent to watch out for. With a love to be in front of the camera, which started at a young age, Evan has had the opportunity to work with both the WB network and MTV. His latest project, a new show starring Ivana Trump, will take him to Fox network. It was eight days of straight filming. But on this shoot, it was the unpredictable, NO SCRIPT! I had no idea what was coming next. "I felt like a pledge in my fraternity again-lining up, going into unknown situations," explained Evan.

To read full article, please click link below:

Coral Springs Forum


By Jaime Lynn Deutsch: Forum Staff Writer


        Rejection is as common in the entertainment biz as eggs are for breakfast.
Dedication is the first word that comes to Universal Studios Spokes model,
Evan Scott Golden. The 23-year-old Parkland resident said he's always been
comfortable in front of the camera. His face is plastered all over posters,
brochures and billboards.
"My biggest gig to date is the Universal Studios gig. Everyone in Universal
Studios sees my face when they walk in," he said.
"At this point, I'm working at the Boca Talent Agency."
He also works with Eclectic Entertainment Group in Universal Studios. Golden
got his start six years ago when MTV came down to Florida for spring break.
"My sister really wanted to go to the casting. I took her on the casting
[and] they were telling me, 'We need men. You have great look.' So, I ended
up auditioning as well and ... getting a free trip to the Keys."
Golden's love for the camera became apparent, but he said the only way to
succeed is to be "really determined." He had his pictures taken, a comp card
for modeling and managers to book him for acting and modeling. He said he
gives 110 percent on every audition and interview. In addition to
doggedness, one must have rubbery, thick skin.
"You have to be able to think, 'It's not that I'm ugly or not talented
enough.' It's just that you don't have the look they're looking for," Golden
When it comes to auditions, out of sight, out of mind is the way to go. He
clears his mind as soon as he leaves the audition.
"If you constantly stress, you'll never survive in this business," he said.
"I go on auditions, and I get three call backs. They play with you - you
think you got the part. You could get that callback four times and still not
get the job. You'd rather just not get a callback in the beginning."
Golden would like to stay in Florida to remain close with family and friends,
rather than go to New York or California. It's better to be a big fish in a
small pond, he said. He said the Sunshine State is right after them when it
comes to the entertainment business. He's done print ads, commercials and
music videos. Orlando is especially good for music.
"I'm trying out for a WB show called 'One Tree Hill,'" he said.
He's also on the production side of the business. He's been writing some
shows and movies. He recommends Boca Model and Talent because they've been
around for 30 years. He also recommends Eclectic Entertainment in Orlando.
"The reason I don't want to move is because I consider myself a big fish in a
small pond. Even though there's more work out there [New York and
California], there's still more competition," he said. "For music, Orlando
has great stuff. Down in Miami, there's plenty of modeling and movies."
The other pro to working in Florida is that agency work is non-exclusive,
unlike New York agencies. Basically, aspiring models can work with as many
agencies as they want, Golden said.
"You really want ... a licensed SAG agent," he said.
That's Screen Actors Guild affiliated, folks ( Models and actors
can get some agency recommendations from there, but it's always a good idea
to do your own research, Anita Spiegel, president of Boca Models and Talent,
"It's important to know the difference between management and talent
agencies," said John Halloway, agent for Eclectic Entertainment. "You don't
have to be licensed to be a manger, but you do have to be licensed for a
talent agency."
Halloway said to check the Better Business Bureau, ask for references of
people the agency works with and visit At this Web site,
you can type in a company name if you know its owners or do a search by city
or county, he said. You can also find out if the agency has complaints
against them by entering in the license number. 
Spiegel said to beware of ads, even the ones with license numbers listed. She
said her agency never places ads in papers and very rarely in magazines.
"I've been in the business for 20 years," she said.
She started out as a model in Sweden. "Do not give an agency any money," she
said. "An agency makes money from commission that the talent does."
Commissions are usually anywhere from 10 to 20 percent, Halloway said.
Plus, models and actors shouldn't have to pay to be on a Web site. Spiegel
also said you don't take pictures at an agency. You can let them recommend a
photographer, but there is no profit to be made on the agency's side.
Halloway agreed.
"I have several photographers that I work real well with that I can send
people to, but I don't take any part in that. They pay me nothing," he said.

Another option is TFP, or Time for Prints, meaning, "If you find a
photographer... the model will trade his or her time for the prints. The
photographer will give prints for free... because the photographer needs to
constantly update his/her portfolio as well," Halloway said.
Once an agency is found, one needs to figure out what type of work is
available in Florida and what one is looking for.
"Lifestyle Models are what Florida is big on," Halloway said.
Lifestyle refers to everyday life pictures, for example, print ads or
commercials for water parks or theme parks.
"They use people that look like everyday people, but can show some expression
and some experience," he said. "They do castings to get people that look
like everyday families."
Good teeth, good features and someone that has some sharp feature that stands
out and catches the camera are the requirements for a print model, Halloway
said. Unless the ad is for fashion, there are usually no height
requirements. Sophisticate models refers to the models ages 35-40 and older.

"Boating ads for yachts, a distinguished looking 50-year-old man,
sophisticated," he said.
The spokes model, he said, is intelligent, nice-looking, and able to convey
knowledge of products. They represent the product, whether it's a theme park
or skin care products. Promotional models don't need to meet the height
requirements of fashion models, but they are attractive and outgoing
personality types for trade shows and conventions. They're promoting a
product, nightclub circuits, beverage companies, etc, Halloway said.
The fashion model, a.k.a., runway model (and eventually super model for a
few), requires a height of 5'9" and up for women and a dress of five or less
for women.
"The reason for size/height requirements is most clothing designers want the
clothing to be interchangeable to the model. Less stuff to bring," Halloway
   If you're not 5'10 and a size two dress, but you do have great hands or a
nice neck, you may be interested in parts modeling. The best examples of
these are jewelry ads.
"Generally, for hand models or that type of thing, what they do is... throw a
ring on and take a picture of your hands," he said.
In the modeling world, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Pictures
are your resume, Halloway said. Personality is also important, he said. He
won't work with attitudes, no matter how good-looking. On the other hand,
there really are no looks requirements, he said, for acting.
"Evan has personality, he's a great looking guy, he's not afraid of rejection
and he always moves forward," he said. "Cindy Crawford was told 'no' many,
many times before becoming a supermodel," Halloway said. "She happened to be
at right place and time."

Jaime Lynn Deutch can be reached at 954-752-7474